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ELREHA Major Projects

ELREHA Major ProjectsELREHA is involved with all activities of electro- mechanical project management, engineering, construction, operation and maintenance needs - including e-commerce, supply labor camp and office solutions.

The capabilities and strengths of ELREHA as a general contractor covers virtually all phases of design, procurement, supply, and construction; focused on delivering projects and services to our clients on time and on budget, with emphasis the Middle East and North Africa markets.


To materialize projects that require advanced technology and industry specialization. To create benefits for our employees, our company, and end users. To satisfy the needs of our clients with our expertise in engineering design, procurement and supply, construction, testing and commissioning.


ELREHA Major Projects is a producer of original technical specifications and consumer end-product technology in the fields Construction, HVAC, Refrigeration, and Building Solutions. ELREHA products and technologies are used and approved globally due to their success in design and application processes.

The core faculty of ELREHA is its in-house engineering and design capability in collaboration with groups of local engineering sub- contractors for a more in depth engineering review. ELREHA strongly believes in a strong technical and engineering background behind the projects pursued; producing outstanding results, therefore generating satisfied repeat clientele for their future projects. As a turnkey contractor, ELREHA is a dependable business solution partner for all projects covering our scope, from project development to all phases of execution.

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